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How to Rig a Pulley System

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Here’s another quick and cool rigging how-to from Trimer Rigger!

You never know when you’ll need to haul, lift or hang something in whatever kind of environment you’re in.  Maybe you wanna’ hang a deer from a tree or just need to move some big timber.  Shit, maybe you’re just moving that old engine that’s been sitting around in your garage that you’ve told everyone that’s come over for the past 5 years that “you’re working on”.  Or maybe you’re just looking for a great way to move, hang and store your kayak, canoes or bikes in the garage. Whatever the case, you just don’t know when knowing how to rig a pulley hoist will come in handy.

Tools You’ll Need:

  • Drill and Bit (Manual bore drill if outside)
  • Pliers
  • 2 screw in hooks
  • Double Pulley
  • 2 single pulleys
  • Rope or cord
  • 2 carabiners

Note:  The size, strength and diameters of the above tools are relevant to the size and strength of the pulley you’re looking to construct.  Plainly said, “what are you trying to move with your pulley”?

How to Rig a Pulley Hoist

  1. Find two cross-beams (or similar cross branches in a sturdy tree if you’re outside) that you can effectively secure the screw in hooks. Drill or bore a pilot hole that is smaller than the diameter or the screw in hooks.
  2. Screw hooks into beams or branches until flushness with object. Ensure that it is secure by doing a hand torque with pliers or vise grips.
  3. Hang your double pulley on one of the hooks you just installed and, obviously, use the other hook to hang a single pulley.
  4. Feed your rope or cord through one side of the hanging double-pulley and pull down so that you can easily get to and work with it.
  5. The next feed of the rope is through a single pulley inverted, so that the eye of the single that is on top is now on the bottoom. Attach the carabiner and then feed the end of the rope or cord through the double pulley that is without rope or cord and then pull it through the hanging singel pulley that you put on the other hook.
  6. Put the free end of the cord or rope through the single pulley that hanging on the hook. Pull 12 to 24 inches of rope or cord down past the pulley. Double the rope or cord several inches from the end to form a working loop. Tie a simple overhand knot to secure the loop in the end of the rope or cord. Attach a carabiner to the loop.
  7. Connect the carabiners to the deer, bear, tree log, kayak, canoe, bike or other object in equally spaced points that you’re trying to move or store. Pull the rope through the pulley hoist to raise the object to the ceiling. Securely tie off the rope to hold the object suspended from the pulley hoist.

Rig hardy, my friends…

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