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Where to Rig a Dive Knife

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Many people image a diver with a big knife strapped to their ankle, sheathed and look really bad ass.  They envision the diver using this huge, Crocodile Dundee-looking knife to fight of sharks and cut their way out of giant squid.  However, that’s not really the case.

Many divers today don’t even strap their knifes to their ankles any longer.  Most divers don’t opt for the large dive knifes.  However, a lot of divers to attach more than one, smaller knife to different spots on their body when diving.

Rigging a Dive Knife to the Body

Why Not the Ankle?

Unless you have on only snorkel gear and you’re riding the surface, then attaching a dive knife to your ankle is just not a good idea. It won’t always be easy to get to way down on your ankle and can easily get tangled and caught up with many things when diving.  Most people recommend that if you’re going to attach your knife to your ankle then you should do so on the INSIDE of the calf/ankle area so that it it is less likely to get caught.

How Big?  What’s it REALLY for?

Diving knifes don’t have to be the huge, monstrous things blades that we talked about in the first paragraph.  Many divers are opting for smaller knives without a tip.  Why?  Because all you really need it for when diving is to cut. You need to be able to saw through a line that you’re caught in.  This is especially important when diving wrecks and the like.  In a confined space you need to be able to cut away anything that you might be caught on.  The sharp, pointed tip of a dive knife rarely becomes necessary and can actually cause you more harm than good.

Places to Attach

So where do you rig your diving knife?  Some people still put them on their lower bodies, around the ankles and calve.  Again, it’s smarter to put this on the INSIDE of the leg rather than the outside to avoid getting caught and snagged.  Others rig their dive knives to their belt/wait area or chest/shoulder area by rigging it to their BCD or other SCUBA gear.

Note:  Some people are not even wearing dive knives, anymore.  Instead, these people are opting for just wire/rope cutters.  We can’t recommend that because you never know when an actual serrated knife blade will come in handy.

Rig Happy….Rig Hard.  Rig the World.


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