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How to Rig a Lean To

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Building a lean to involves a useful set of skills. People might want to build a lean to for many different reasons. Some people are trying to add more space to their storage sheds, and a lean to makes for a comparatively easy type of addition. Other people might want to build something more like a lean to as a form of shelter while camping. Either way, the skills involved are fairly similar. Still, people who are building a lean to while camping are probably not going to be able to take as many tools with them, and they might have to improvise with some of the available materials.

Camping and Building a Lean To

Building a lean to while camping is going to be that much easier if people are able to use a tree as a support structure. Some people will actually use two thin trees that are close together and spaced correctly as supports for their lean to structures, which can cause the lean to structures to be much more stable.

Lean to structures are made from sticks when people make them during a camping trip. Long and thick sticks are good to use as building materials, but people cannot use sticks that are too thick or too heavy or they are going to cause the structure to collapse. It is important to choose a bunch of sticks that are similar in terms of size, length, and thickness. These are going to work comparatively well as building materials. If people do not have trees to use, then they are going to need to select two thick sticks as their supports. A longer third stick can be used in order to complete the support that will hold up the makeshift roof of the lean to.

It’s a good idea for people to bring materials to fasten the sticks together. Some simple rope materials will usually suffice. Some people might use leather or rawhide. People who know how to make rope using weeds or tree branches can use that. It depends upon how far they want to go in their use of natural materials.

Building a Storage Lean To

People are going to need to decide if they want an open or closed lean to as a household addition. The open ones are just going to consist of a roof and two supports. The closed ones will have the same basic structure, but they will also have walls and a door. Moisture is more of a problem for these outdoor structures, so people should be sure to choose types of materials that are more moisture resistant.

Building a lean to is going to be easier than building most other additions to the house. Some people will need permits for them, but it should be easier to secure permits for lean to structures than for other additions. Building a lean to for the sake of storage is one of the easier woodworking projects people will complete, and one of the most rewarding.

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