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How to rig a hammock?

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Hammocks are very important,not only when you wanted to go out camping but it is also essential in your home. Placing it at your patio creates a comfortable and relaxing environment which feels like you are being cradled like a baby with the touch of the fresh breeze.That is why bringing hammocks when going out for a camp or a vacation is quite traditional. However, not all are well pleased and sufficed using the hammock if it is not properly rigged well on their area of comfort.

Though it is quite a small thing to argue, there are still some people who wanted to have the perfect spot for them to rig the hammock. Spotting the perfect place is not enough. You still have to consider a lot of factors before you lie down and relax. These are just simple factors for you to keep safe which are as follows:

First step – always consider the length. Borrowing a hammock from a friend is good but always consider your height. If your friend is smaller than you, better yet to have second thoughts. The length of the hammock should be a bit longer than you are to promote comfort and for you to have some room to stretch. The ridgeline length of the hammock should be at least 108 inches including the sagging part.

Secondly –Make sure it is made from robust material and always consider its distance from the ground. A hammock that perfectly fits your height is not enough. Make sure that it s durable enough to hold and sustain you weight. Hammocks that are a bit closer to the ground are a big no, no! You will be prone to falling and even damaging the hammock due to constant contact leading to friction from the ground. Being high enough is also not good because the possibility of you to fall is high which can cause you fracture if accidents happen. The most advisable sit height is 18 feet from the ground, so set it to the right measurement before it gets too late.

Third –The length of the rope straps. The rope straps also have the right measurement which is at least 41 to 42 inches. This allows room for suspension and for your safety as well while the air is swinging you around.

Lastly – The hanging proper. Depending on the location that we are in, always choose the perfect spot which is safe. If you are on the beach, most people have the perception to automatically tie it on the body of the coconut tree. This idea is really nice; just make sure that there are no coconut fruits hanging on top. Tendencies are if a strong breeze of air strikes in, there is a possibility of a fruit to drop which may hit you. So, always survey the scene and keep safe.

A hammock always brings in good relaxation. Just keep in mind the above reminders in rigging a hammock for your own safety and not to ruin your vacation.



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