Rigging Stuff Up for Outdoors and Survival Life


Hi, my name’s Ken and I’m the owner of trimer-rigging.com

Over my years, I’ve done the outdoors thing.  I’m not a pure “survivalist” or “prepper”…however, I like to be prepared to the point where I know how to stuff that will keep me alive and give me the best chance at life if something crazy were to happen.  Living on Oahu, Hawaii…I can see lots of bad stuff happening.  Earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, etc.  Shit, it’s an island with really just one and half major roads.  If something did go bad then I’d most likely be on foot or on the water trying to get to safety or keeping me and mine alive.

That’s why I’m into the kayak fishing, spear fishing, outdoor living type of stuff that I’m into.  Sure, this place is paradise 99% of the time but I’d hate to see it when it’s not.  Admittedly, I’m not an “expert” at anything that write about here…unless we get into some snorkel stuff eventually.  However, what I am is a student and I’m proficient in many things.  I’ve been a Soldier in the US Army for 21 years and I’m determined to keep me and mine safe.

I hope we can learn from each at trimer-rigging.com and even have a laugh or two.

Rig up, my friends.